This year the World Championships will be held in the Netherlands, in Heerde and Arnhem. In our series #Worlds2018 we will talk to skaters from all over the world and find out who they are, if they’re gonna make it to Worlds and what skatinglife is like in their own country.
This time: Canada

At practice on the track in Heerde there are three guys from Canada. After their practicerounds we asked them about their road to Worlds…

The team consists of Julien Armand, Maxime St-Jules and Marco Frusteri (junior). They are from the Montreal-Toronto area. They are all originally shorttrack skaters and switched to inline, partly to promote the inline boots made by One Carbon Design. Marco’s father, Leo Frusteri is the coach for the team, he hasn’t arrived in Holland yet. In the 80’s he was Italian Champions, when races were still on quads. These days he’s still competing in Master races. 









What is inline skating like in Canada? “There is almost no inline skating at all. There are no tracks and not so many races.”

Today you trained on the track together with New Zealand and Argentina (the Colombians are doing warm up next to the track during the interview). What do you think when you see them skate? Max: “They are pretty good, you know. We watch inline races on tv, so we always see them, it’s not intimidating as such, but still kinda, you know. We skated against the good guys in short track in Canada, Hamlin and Girard fo example. But with these guys it’s a different vibe. Maybe because in shorttrack I know what I’m doing and in inline I have only been skating on the track for like three weeks.” Marco: “We’ve been to Italy before we came to Holland, to train on a parabolic track.”

How did you qualify for Worlds? “There were no qualifications because the Canadian Championships are not till August. In January we decided we wanted to come and asked for a by-request.”

What are your goals for this tournament? All: ”Gaining experience.” Ok, but you must have some goals for yourself. Max: “We have nothing to base ourselves on, we don’t have personal best time on a track. The sky is the limit”
Julien: “For me it’s to be able to race, not be behind everybody. I want to race in the pack.”
Marco: “Just do the best we can do.”

The guys will be in all the races, track, road and marathon. The only races they have in Canada are marathons, so they have some experience in that.

After the interview the guys go back to the Airbnb in Loenen, by car. “We have bikes at the airbnb, but it’s citybikes, not racebikes. It’s too far to come here by bike.



Worlds will be held from 1-3 july on the track in Heerde and from 5-8 july in Arnhem on the road.
Go to (website also in English)  for tickets and info.

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