Simon Albrecht won a silver medal in the one lap although he didn’t race much yet this year.

Was it difficult in the final? “A final at the World Championships is always difficult, but this time at least it was a clean run for everybody. There was no fighting. Estrada had a better start, but yeah, it was a good race.”

How was the road to the final? “It was good. It was good for me that the road course wasn’t too long.”

I heard you had an injury at the beginning of the season? “Yes, I pulled a muscle on the back of my leg. I didn’t do any races, this is actually my first race this season. So I can’t really complain about a silver medal in the world championship.” Simon came to Heerde during the Holland Cup, but then he only watched.

You didn’t do trials or the national championship? “I did one race, not international, but it wasn’t good yet. The coaches had faith in me, they know what I can do when I’m not injured.”

Were you afraid you would still feel the injury? “In the beginning I was, but during the first days of training I knew my leg was completely fine, I could do everything I wanted to do.”

Anymore races here? “Yeah, the 100 meter. And then maybe I’ll start the marathon just for fun.”

Do you think you’ll have a chance in the 100 meter? “It’s always difficult to say, it depends on who you’re up against in the runs? If I’m lucky I think I can make it to the final, but it’s the first time I did it this season then, so I’m not sure. It’s a little weird that it’s only two lanes and two competitors at a time. But this way at least you have two finals. A small one for the bronze and one for the gold medal.”

In 2016 Simon won the bronze medal in the 100 meter in Nanjing. He has got two gold medals at Worlds in the 300 meter timetrial, in 2016 and 2017.

Does the support of the German junior team help? “It’s nice that we have a big fanbase this year, a lot of people came to watch. It’s always nice that people are happy for you when you do well.”











Pictures: Hidde Muije


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