One of the great things about World Championships is the multitude of nationalities of the participants. Traditionally there’s Colombia, Italy, France, Belgium and countries we’ve all heard of. In the past we also interviewed skaters from Malaysia, Israel, Kenia, Cuba and Ecuador.

This year we noticed a girl from El Salvador and tried to find out more about here, and skatinglife in El Salvador.

We asked Geova Najera, Ex Atleta de alto rendimiento. medallista centroamericano , panamericano y C.A del Caribe en patinaje.
“Her name is Ivonne Nochez, she is a Pan-American champion, in the Junior Ladies category, she is only 15 years old and is classified to the Pan American games of Lima Peru 2019.”

What do you think of the World Championships so far?

Buenas es mi primer mundial a los 15 años y las carreras han estado muy fuertes la pista complicada
Pero ha sido una experiencia diferente al competir en una pista no omologada oficial
He obtenido más experiencia al
Competir en una novel más superior al que compito normalmente

Did you travel to Europe before?

De nada, no primera vez

 These are my first Worlds, at 15 years old and the races have been strong on a difficult track.
But I only have experience racing on a track with no banks.
I gained a lot of experience racing at a much higher level than I’m normally used to. 

I have never been to Europe before.

Ivonne’s best results are eighth place in 1000 meters and ninth place in 200 meters. She will also race on the road.

More information about skating in El Salvador you can find on the Facebookpage