A country that we don’t often see in inlineskating is Iran. The team is here with six skaters, who are they?

The girl from Iran










During practice on Wednesday we see Hanieh Ahmadi (19) on the road. She’s a first year senior from Iran and has come to Worlds only for the 100 meter.

I’m surprised to see a lady from Iran. Have you been skating long already? “No, only two years, because I like the sprint. I live in Arak, that’s the inline capital of the country.”

Hanieh skates with her headscarf underneath her helmet and a skirt over her suit, “for religion and culture.” Last year she was 7th in the junior 100 meter at Worlds in Nanjing.

What place do you think you can get in the 100 meter this year? “Uhm, I hope to get a medal. The main competitors are from Colombia and Italy, and Vanessa Herzog.”

Did you ever skate on ice? “No, but I would like it. There’s no ice rink in Iran because of the weather. It’s also difficult for us to get a visa to go skate in other countries.”

What’s the skating like in Iran? “There is a national competition with 10 to 15 races per year.”
Are there a lot of people skating in Iran? The team: “Yes” The coach: “No” They reach the verdict that a lot of children are skating, but not a lot of juniors and seniors.

What do you do when you don’t skate? “I study physical education, so a lot of sports.”

Ready for the 100 meter start


The guys from Iran








The men already participated on the track, and did the relay with Farshid Shayan, Farzad Moradi and Mohammad Salehi. The finished 3rd in the heat. Mohammad Salehi and Mohammad Abedi Dorcheh will do the 100 meter.

Masih Esteki is the only junior on the team, he didn’t skate on the track in Heerde, only on the road. He started in the one lap and he will skate the 100 meter.

Mohammad Salehi was 10th in the 100 meter last year in Nanjing and hopes for a better classification this year.

Do you only train in Iran? Farshid: “Mohammad and I have been to Chile to train.”

Mohammad: “It’s the best place to train for me. I have friends there who are world champion, Lucas and Emanuel Silva. Lucas is also racing here now, Emanuel is training for the South American Games.”

What is the difference between training in Chile and training at home? “In Iran we don’t have a track, but in Chile are a lot of tracks and many professional skaters. It is really expensive though, more expensive than Europe.”

Did you stay there long? “We were one month in Chile, after that we went to Geisingen for the European Cup, and Groß-Gerau with team Chile. Then we went back to Chile to train before we came here.”

How did the European races go? Mohammad: “I was 7th in Groß-Gerau in the 500 meter. The long distance was very difficult.”

On Saturday we will see what Mohammad and Hanieh can really do in the 100 meter sprint.


Pictures: Hidde Muije & skeelernieuws.nl




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