During the World Championships in Heerde and Arnhem the stands were filed every day with a big group of German fans. They were all wearing German inline shirts and a lot of hats and flags in black/red/yellow. We talked to two young skaters from the group to find out more…

Hanna Frens
Who are you? “I’m Hanna Frens from Halle, near Leipzig.”

What are you doing here this week? “We are here with the national team of cadets, youth and some juniors on a camp to watch the championships.”
But I saw you all on the track as well… Hanna: “We are also training for the cadet challenge here.”

The whole group is staying in bungalows at the camp ground in Heerde. Every night after the races they put their skates on to go back.

Did you train on the road track also? “Yes, we trained on the track in Heerde, and on the road in Arnhem. Sometimes we went skating on the bicycle paths.”

Which race or medal did you like the best so far? “I think it was the 1000 meter from Mareike Thum. In the first two laps she was in the back and then she goes three laps and she was in front of the race and she won. It was very exciting.”

Back to Hanna’s own skating..

How did the national championships go? “We won the relay race with our team and I was 3rd in the 500 meter, 2nd in the elimination, 3rd in the pointsrace and 4th in the 200 meter.”

Hanna is cadet and she will go to the Cadet Challenge in Oostende. What distances will you skate? “I don’t know yet, the trainer didn’t tell us, but I’m a long distance skater and not so good at the sprint.”

Do you have a chance for the ranking? “Not for a medal. We have another good skater in our team (Leonie Ohl), we will race for her, but I think maybe top 10.”

The German fans cheering for Mareike Thum


Oskar Schmidt
Also on the team is Oskar Schmidt. He’s a long distance skater from Gera.

Did you do well on the national championships? “I got 2 silver medals in the long distance and gold in the relay with my team.”

Do you think you have a chance for a medal in the cadet challenge? “I think in long distance we have a little chance with the team. I’m on the team with Luca, Jonas, Moritz and Tamino.”

Do you like it here at the world championships? “Yes it’s nice. We went swimming at the campground, that was very nice. We also did a lot of strength and athletics training.”

What is your goal in inline skating? “I don’t know, it’s a lot of fun so I want to skate as long as it makes my happy.”


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