Ivan Galar won the gold medal in the 300 meter time trial on Friday. He was not the only Spaniard on the podium, the national anthem got played a lot. We talked to Ivan before the ceremony.

Congratulations! Did you expect to win? “Uhm, it’s a very difficult question. Yes and no. When I got to the final, yes, because the Italian skater (Andrea Cremaschi) was before me and when I saw the 26, I knew it (the gold medal) had to be mine. But it’s not easy to win.

Spain won a lot of medals already today in the short distance. Do you train more for short distances? “No, in Spain you can’t do only short or long, you have to do everything. It’s true that you always have some races that are better than others, but in general we have to train all.”

Do you train together with the whole national team a lot? “No, only one week before we came here.”

What do you want to do the rest of the tournament? “I want to win all the races, but I don’t know what will happen. I will skate the 500 meter team sprint and the 500 meter individually and the 1000 meter. On the road the 200 meter and the one lap.”

Later that evening Ivan was also in the 500 meter team sprint final where he won another gold medal.

All the Spanish medal winners in the 300 meter togetherYouth men 300 meter
1. Ivan Galar
2. Andrea Cremaschi
3. Giacomo Mazza


Pictures: Hidde Muije