Erin Jackson won a bronze medal in the one lap. A lot of Dutch fans will know her because she was in the Olympics for long track skating, where she skated the 500 meter.

How was the final race? “It was fast, it was exiting. I’m glad that it was just a straight race, nothing crazy happened, just pure racing, that was really nice.”

Was it difficult to get into the final? “Yeah, it’s always pretty difficult. I feel like most nerve wracking is normally the semi-final, that’s when I’m really focused and ready to go. The final is a little more relaxed, like ok, I just gotta do it.”

Did you think you had a chance for the gold? “I thought maybe if some crazy things happened it’s possible.” So you’re happy with the medal you got? “I think I have a few too many silver and bronze medals. I got the gold medal at one point, but I didn’t hang on to it very long.” Erin was disqualified in 2014 after winning the 1000 meter. “Hopefully I get a gold medal again at some point.”

On Saturday you will be in the 100 meter. Do you have a shot at a medal there? “I think I’ve medalled in the 100 meter one time (in 2015). But I’m always going for it.”

Who do you think are the strong competitors there? “It’s always hard to tell who’s gonna come out strong in the 100, cause it’s such a unique race.”







Is it difficult to be back on wheels again after skating on ice so much? “After the Olympics I haven’t been on the ice at all. And I actually wasn’t on my inlines at all until the end of May. I decided to give it another shot at the last minute. I did the trials at the end of May, the first few days were definitely a little difficult to get back to being comfortable on my inlines. After a week or so it felt like back to normal.” The trials for Worlds in America took seven days and Erin had adjusted enough to make the Team.

How do you like the tournament here? “It’s all awesome, I’m really happy to be back in Europe. I love the Netherlands, I come here a lot. I love the track in Heerde. The road was cool too. I was a little hesitant at first, but when I started racing on it I fell in love with it.”

Will we see you on the ice this winter? “For sure, I go back to Salt Lake City next month, hopefully I’ll do the Worldcups, we’ll see how it goes.”

Pictures: Hidde Muije

Worlds will be held from 1-3 july on the track in Heerde and from 5-8 july in Arnhem on the road.
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