Diogo Marreiros was voted most valuable skater of this year’s Flanders Grand Prix. He won the 1000 meter, the pointsrace and the road race. That gave him the overall win of the Flanders Grand Prix and the first place in the long distance ranking for the European Cup. We talked to him after the road race…

Road race
How was the race? “In the beginning it was really tricky, everybody was trying to take the money. It was really difficult, especially in the corners. It was a bit dangerous too. I just came back from a hard crash, I broke my arm at Worlds so I didn’t want to be in that situation. I tried the breakaway, maybe that is a little bit hard on the pace, but less possibility to have a crash. I wanted to have a safe race.”

After Peter Michael comes to congratulate him Diogo continues his story:

“Then we were in the breakaway, it was hard in the beginning but then we kept a nice easy pace, just to keep the gap. I knew Peter Michael and Patxi Peula were the guys to beat in the sprint so I tried to surprise them a little bit. Patxi almost got me in the end but I just draw a straight line, there are some chicanes here and I managed to cover his line and he was not able to pass. I’m really happy with this win and I hope to keep this shape for next week.”

Diogo in the breakaway with Peter Michael, Patxi Peula,
Caleb Wakefield and Timothy Loubineaud
On the podium together with Patxi and Peter


You mentioned already you broke your arm, everybody is really surprised that you came back so strong. Diogo: “I had a really nice recovery with my physiotherapist, I almost didn’t stop training. Three days after the crash I was on the bike and the next week I was on skates again, so I didn’t loose too much training. I just had to be careful, but I was able to skate, that was the trick to stay in good shape for here and for the Euros next week.”

You said you didn’t want to be in the pack today, for the risk of crashes. Were you afraid on the track as well? “On the track I think you think less, because the pack is more straight. Maybe not in the elimination, but in the other races, there were fast races and we didn’t have much of a fight. The marathon was dangerous and I think the elimination is going to be tricky also.”

But you will start in the elimination race anyway? “Yes, I will start. I’m trying to win the overall ranking.”

What’s your goal for the Euros next week? “To try to win medals. I always fight for the win, but medals are the goal.”

In the elimination race Peter Michael took the first place, Diogo finished 2nd.

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Pictures: Hidde Muije