After the ceremony on Tuesday evening we talked to Johana Viveros from Colombia, Sabine Berg from Germany and Elton de Souza from France.

Senior ladies Colombia

Johanna Viveros, Fabriana Arias and Kerstinck Sarmiento won the gold medal in the relay. When I approach them Fabriana Arias says, while pointing at the other two “I don’t speak English.” So Johanna Viveros has to do the talking: “It was a good race. It was difficult because a few teams crashed on the track, some kept racing, others not.”

Do you train a lot for the relay? “No, not really.”

Are you still happy with this medal after winning so many already? “Yeah, I’m very happy with every medal.”

Kerstinck Sarmiento is waiting on bare feet until the podiumceremony for the men is finished, because Pedro Causil is wearing her skates on the podium.


Sabine Berg

Sabine Berg, Laethisia Schimek and Mareike Thum take 3rd place in the relay. It’s very impressive that Sabine is on the podium again after becoming a mom last year. Sabine: “It’s really cool, I’m a little bit surprised that it’s so good this year.

How was the final? “It was a bit diffrent because I crashed after I pushed, then I had to get up again. There was only one more lap. Everything was already decided, because Colombia and Korea where too much ahead and Belgium was a little bit behind. So I just had to hold me position.”

Did the gold medal for Mareike in the 1000 meter give the team more energy? “I was a very good beginnen for us, yes. It’s also really cool that the German juniors have a camp here and support us.”

Sabine will also race on the road and hopes there will be more German medals.


Elton de Souza 

In May we talked to Elton de Souza in the preview #Worlds2018: Cuba and France he said he was training to be a world champion this year. And now he is! Together with Gwendal Le Pivert and Ewen Fernandez he won the relay, beating Colombia and Italy.

How was the race? “It was super cool, we were in a special … I don’t know the word in English. We were like connected, we didn’t feel our legs and everything happend like in a dream.” His brother Edwin thinks he means synergy or harmony, but Elton is still so excited that he says he doesn’t know words in French, English or Spanish anymore. “J’aime tout le monde.”



Pictures: Hidde Muije

Worlds will be held from 1-3 july on the track in Heerde and from 5-8 july in Arnhem on the road.
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