On the first day of the Worlds the juniors did a points/elimination race and the seniors the elimination. After the podiumceremony Corinne Stoddard (usa) and Dan Guo (china) talked about their medals.

Corinne Stoddard
Before Corinne can talk to me she has to sign an autograph for a fan, something she isn’t asked to do very often. Meanwhile I hold the stroopwafels, the Dutch cookies all the medalwinners get on the podium. Corinne is very happy about that: “I love stroopwafels”.

Did you expect to win a medal? “Yes, I trained very hard this year, I expected it very much. There’s not really a national team, we train with clubteams and then we all come together here.”

Your name sounds really familiar, do we know you from somewhere? “I do short track and long track speed skating on ice as well. This year I did the junior World Championships in long track.” Corinne started skating at a very young ago. What do you love about skating? “I just love the racing and the tactics, and I like going fast.”

How was this race? “It went well, I went early in the race for points, and then I rested and took a few points at the end. When I got points at the end I dropped back, then a few girls attacked and it was too late for me to catch them. I was kinda calculating my points and then at the end of the race they told me I was third and I was very happy.”

What other races will we see you in? “The 1000m, the 5k elimination on the track, and then the points and eliminationrace on the road. And the marathon.”


Dan Guo
The Dutch fans might know Dan Guo as a speedskater on ice, she got a silver medal in the mass start at the 2018 Olympics. But she has also won a gold medal at the 2013 World Games in Colombia.

Did you expect to win a medal here? “No, after the Olympics I felt very tired and I just wanted to go on holiday and relax. The training was soso, I only trained on technic, no hard trainings. My last races were not so good, my legs and body felt not ready for the race, so I decided to just enjoy it.”
Then there was no pressure and she could race freely, that resulted in a bronze medal.

What was your tactic? “The last five laps are very important, because I needed to be in a good place. If I was already in the back I would have no chance.”

What other races will you be in this week? “10k points race on tuesday and on the road 10k and 20k, and the marathon.”


Pictures: Hidde Muije

Worlds will be held from 1-3 july on the track in Heerde and from 5-8 july in Arnhem on the road.
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