This coming weekend Nationals will be held in the UK. It’s already decided they won’t send a team to Worlds, but instead they focus on the youth and junior skaters at Euros in Oostende. At the European Cup in Heerde we saw a lot of skaters in a UK national outfit. And some of them even in the front of the race all the time. We sat all five of the skaters down in the shade and asked them everything we wanted to know…



The Team 

How did this team begin? “We wanted to set up a team for UK skaters who skated in Europe a lot, to give each other support. And then we got Bont to sponsor us, one of the fathers is a photographer, he had connections with Bont for pictures and now they sponsor our team; equipment and stuff.”

Who are the Team members?

Trystyn Scrivens (youth)Sam Morris (youth)Bobby Ball (junior)
Daniel King (junior)Maya Bathgate (junior)

Pictures: Dixspixels


What is the goal for the team this year? “Basically to be better and the end of the year than we were at the beginning. The goal is to develop.”

Do you all have a chance of going to the European Championships? “Yes, that’s one of the goals for this year. England has certain specifications that you have to hit to qualify for Europeans. For sprints there are limit times and for long distances a percentage finish in races that are big enough (like the Holland Cup).”
So what they do this weekend also counts towards qualifying for the Europeans. And so far that’s been going well.

Holland Cup Heerde

What are the results for this weekend at the Holland Cup?

Sam: “I got a 7th place in the pointsrace, I arrived in Holland too late for the sprint.”
Maya got a 24th in 300 m and fell in the pointsrace.
Trystyn describes he weekend so far as ‘kinda great’. He got 4th in the 300 meter, 6th in the 500 meter, granting him a 4th place in the sprint cup.

Trystyn and Sam qualified for the elimination final later that day. The plan is that Trystyn will work for Sam so he can win the race. Unfortunately they both crashed during the race and also lost their chance for a good position in the long distance overall.

Daniel and Bobby didn’t get great results this weekend, but the experience of racing in an international field was really good. They are improving a lot over the season so far.

Training and racing

For the whole team to improve their racing and to develop they need to train of course. How’s that going?

Sam lives in Italy, just outside of Milan, and he trains 5 times a week: 1,5 hour on skates and a little bit of gym, like an hour a week.Trystyn lives in Portugal and trains 6 times a week. One of which is usually at home on the bike. On Saturday he trains twice, but luckily he lives only 5 minutes away from the track. Maya, Bobby and Daniel train together in London 3 times a week for 2 hours. And they individually train in the gym or go running. They have to travel for an hour to get to the track. There are only 2 tracks in England, and they organize about 10 races a year there. So it’s limited what they can do in their own country. They have been to races in Europe before, but not in Heerde yet.

Sam, do you race in Italyas well? “Yes, some of the guys that are on the Italian team, I raced against at the Italian Championships and week in week out during national races. If I’m not in a race in Europe I’m racing in Italy.

Trystyn, do you race in Portugal a lot? “Yes, mainly in the north and in the south. There aren’t so many tracks in the central region.

How do you like the track here? “It’s very different than what we’re used to in England, with long straights and the tight corners.”

I heard there will be a new track in England also. “Yes, in Whisbech. They’re hoping to get a Vesmaco track over there as well. Former European Champion Mike McInerney is one of the people working for that.”


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