Marie Dupuy and Mathilde Pedronno were both on the podium on Fridaynight. Marie got a bronze medal in the pointsrace and Mathilde got bronze in the one lap.

Marie Dupuy

Marie, did you expect to win a medal? “I was expecting it all week already, I was 4th two times, in the points/elimination and in the relay. And yesterday I got 6th place in the elimination on the road. So I am really happy now to win a medal.”

You were in the final with your teammate Honorine Barrault, could you work together? “At first not really, but in the second part of the race we worked together as a strong force.”

Did you train hard to be where you are now? “Yes, I trained a lot. After the French road Championships we had a training camp for the team selection, for the seniors there were more candidates so it took longer then for the juniors.”

Marie still goes to school, how is it to combine that with training? “It’s really hard, but I prefer to think about studies instead of skating.” Since there’s not much money to be made in skating she finds it more important to study.

We might see her again in the marathon on Sunday, but that’s not her favorite race at all.

Mathilde Pedronno

Mathilde, did you think you could win a medal in this race? “Yes, it was a goal for me this year to win a medal at Worlds.”

How was the final? “It was difficult, I wanted to be second, but the start was not the way I hoped. So then I was third, but it’s still a very good place.”

How was the way to the final? “It was exciting and difficult. The semi-final was more difficult.” A lot of people find the semi-final harder than the final, because once you’re in the final there’s three chances for a medal. And in the semi-final you have to be first or second to go on.

How was the rest of the week for you? “The beginning of the week was not very good for me. I would have liked to be in the final for the 500 meter, but I had to leave the tournament in the ¼ final, that was a big deception for me. And after that the 1000 meter wasn’t really good either. That’s why I’m very very happy to have a medal now.”

Will you start in the marathon? “No, but I will start in the 100 meter. I hope I have a chance there.”

Note on Saturday: Mathilde made it to the 1/4 final in the 100 meter and will race against Anais Pedroni at 19:00.

Pictures: Hidde Muije


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